Job List Management

Immediately upon logging in, the agent will be presented with a list of their active jobs.


Filter the list by clicking on "Filter Your Current Jobs (Click to Expand)" then input your filters for locating your specific jobs.


Click "Apply Filter(s)" to populate the table with the results.

Click "Clear Filter(s) to clear all data from all filter fields.

If your agent login has been setup not to bypass job acceptance, then each job you click on will ask you to either accept or decline the job.

Alternatively should you wish to accept all jobs in the list, click "Accept All Jobs".

Sort the contents of your job table by clicking any of the column headings to sort by that column.

The jobs that have a last date for service set, will appear at the top of the table in red, showing the number of days left for service.

To access a job, simply click on it in the table.