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Agents are pre-stored so they can be assigned to cases, allowing for easy production of letters to agents and to produce reports based on cases assigned to agents.

Agents are assigned to cases so that you can keep track of what cases have been assigned to external agents allowing for the production of documents or sending of emails where required.

They can be assigned from within an action by selecting it from the command field as shown below.


Agents can also be assigned within the Case Manager from the shortcut field (AG) as shown below.


Creating a new Agent

An agent code must be unique. Enter your new agent code in the "Code" field.

IMPORTANT: The code should not contain any spaces or characters other than letters or numbers; except a full stop.

Fill out all agent details then click “Save” to save.

IMPORTANT: The JusticeLink documents require deponent and witness details. Create an agent for each of your deponents and for each deponent, enter the most likely witness. The witness details can be changed on a case by case basis as required. Be sure to choose the deponent capacity and “Sworn” or “Affirmed” as these will be transposed into the JusticeLink Affidavits.

Once an Agent is assigned to a case, the agent name will be shown in Miscellaneous page in the case manager.

You can email the Agent direct when you are in a case that has an agent assigned to it. Simply click the Email action and select “to Agent” from the Party list.

You can also email an agent from within the agent screen, by clicking the “Email” button. These emails will not be linked to cases though.

Add notes on an agent record by clicking the “Notate” button. These notes will not be linked to cases, so will be general notes relating to the agent, rather than specific to a case.