Batch Import of Client Payments

Tools > Batch Updates > Batch Import of Client Payments

This process is designed to import clients payments in bulk from an external data file.

IMPORTANT: Before you can use this process you must ensure your file meets the below format conditions.

The incoming file must have the following layout or structure:

All fields in the incoming file are mandatory.

Ensure the incoming file is saved as either a CSV or TXT (TAB) delimited file format.


Select the bank account the payments have come from.

Select the method of payment for this batch. If there are various payment methods such as BPAY and Electronic funds transfer, you will need to separate them into two separate files and upload them individually.

Select payment file format as CSV or TXT, based on how the incoming file is saved.

If the incoming file contains headings in row 1, tick “Import File Includes Header Row”.

Click Browse to locate the file to import.

IMPORTANT: Excel formats cannot be uploaded. These must be saved as text (tab delimited) file types.

When the file is imported, ensure the data has been mapped to the correct columns in the table before proceeding. This will ensure that if the provider of the file has made any changes, they get detected before the payments are loaded into the live system. If the data in the table does not appear to be in the correct columns then check the file with the provider.

When the table data has been checked and verified, click “Run” on the Action Bar to load the prospects into the live system.