Batch Import of Data Wash Results

Tools > Batch Updates > Batch Import of Data Wash

This process is designed to import the results of a data wash from any bureau service.

Ensure the first column contains the DebtCol case number and the second column contains the credit score. All the subsequent data can reside in any column.

Ensure the incoming file is saved as a TXT (TAB) delimited file format.

Click on “Add files” then browse your directories to select the file to be imported.

IMPORTANT: Excel formats cannot be uploaded. These must be saved as text (tab delimited) file type.

Click “Read File”

Where indicated on screen, enter the name of the credit bureau that conducted the data wash

Check the results in the preview table to ensure the data looks correct.

When the table data has been checked and verified, click “Run” on the Action Bar to load the data wash results into the live system.

When the file is imported, all cases will be updated with the data contained in the imported file. Users can access this data when inside the case manager by clicking on the "Data Wash" link on the side bar.