Batch Import of Instructions

Streamlining client instructions is easy in DebtCol. This tool is designed to allow the bulk updating of cases allowing you to adjust debt values, alter start and end dates of debt, create case notes from client notes and execute a pre-defined action wizard.

Sending Instructions request to the Client

Go to DebtCol Reports and from report classification “File Transfers” run the report “Debts requiring client instructions”, dispatching to Excel.

NOTE: If you do not have this report please contact DEBTCOL if you would like to use this feature

This report will contain the following columns of data:-

Receiving Instructions Back from the Client

When the client sends the Excel Report back to you ensure they keep the columns as per the above layout but add the following new columns:-

When your client sends you back the file indicating their instructions as outlined above, the system can automatically execute the relevant Next Action Wizard against the debts.

Formatting and then Importing the Instructions File

Tools > Batch Updates > Batch Import of Instructions

From within Excel, save the file as a text file (TAB delimited) format.

On the DebtCol screen, Input the client code for this import of instructions where indicated. The debts listed in the text file must relate to the selected client code.

Click the “Browse” button and select the instruction text file to be imported.

Click the “Upload” button to upload the data from the text file to the screen for viewing and verification.

To ensure the columns in the text file are in the correct order, view the cases in the table and ensure their data matches to the column heading. An example of a mismatch would be seeing the name of the debtor in the column labelled “New Balance” for example.

Click “Run” to update the selected records.