Batch Update of Cases

Tools > Batch Updates > Batch Update of Case

NOTE: This screen can take up to 30 seconds to open and populate.

Batch Update Tools are used for bulk processing of data. Here you can select existing cases to update in bulk.

This process is designed to update existing cases. Locate the cases to be updated by selecting either Basic Search, Advanced Search or Upload Spreadsheet from the tab options.

Use “Basic Search” to get a list of debts for updating

Locate debts that match any of the criteria fields or combination of them.

Click “Search” on the Action Bar.

The results will appear in the table. All results will be tagged for updating. Un-tick any results you do not wish to update.

Use “Advanced Search” to get a list of debts for updating

Use the Query table to build your query statement to locate the debts to be updated. This statement is used for the database to gather the data for the query and should read like a typical English sentence. Select your options from the drop-down lists and insert your values in the “Criteria Value” column.

The criteria connection column is how each row of the query connects to the previous. As such, the first row can only be “with” or “without”.

The criteria field is the name of the field to be queried.

The criteria operator is used in the query to determine if the criteria field is either:-

  • equal to
  • not equal to
  • greater than
  • less than
  • greater than or equal to
  • less than or equal to

the criteria value. See the below screenshot for a simple example.

Click “Get Records” and the system will locate debts that match the query.

IMPORTANT: To capture the value of the current system date, enter @DATE as the criteria value.

Use “Upload Spreadsheet” to get a list of debts for updating

If you have a list of debts in a tab delimited format where the first column contains the client account number, or Case Number, click “Browse” and select the file.

To filter based on a specific client, enter the client code where indicated.

Specify if the first column of the file being uploaded contains the primary client reference, or the case number.

Tick “Only Open Files” where you wish to exclude closed cases.

Click “Upload” and the system will locate debts that match the client account number and populate the results in the table.

Update the selected debts

Click the “Do Update” tab.

You can update with a pre-defined action, assign a next due date or new operator or a combination of these.

To run a pre-defined action against the selected debts in the table, select the action from the list.

To set a new due date on the selected debts in the table, enter the date of your choice where indicated.

To assign a new operator to the selected debts in the table, select the operator from the list where indicated.

Tip: Use the “Tag / Un-Tag All” button where needed to tick or un-tick all or the majority of debts for updating.

Click “Update Now” to update the tagged debts.

IMPORTANT: When you choose to run an action, the batch update tool will set the diary date of each tagged case so that they can be processed immediately.