Bulk Email Creation

This process allows you to define bulk emails and modify existing ones. Here you will identify the specific query to be used in the bulk email, including what email fields to extract the email addresses from.


Reports & Documents > Reporting > Add or Maintain Reports

Creating a new bulk email definition

A bulk email is created using the Report Definitions tool because it shares most of the requirements of a report.

Go to Reports and Documents à Reporting à Report Definitions

Create a unique report name where indicated.

Tip: It would be useful to create each bulk email with “BulkEmail” at the start.

For example, if it’s a bulk email sending a newsletter, call it “bulkEmailNews”, or if it’s one updating clients on rate changes call it “bulkEmailRateChange” etc. It just makes them easier to find in the future.

Select the data source from the File Name list. A typical bulk email will be on the client file; which would be “Client Only Information”.

Choose “Special Reports” from the report classification list.

The sort fields and display fields can be left blank as this is not a report as such.

Insert your query where indicated. A typical query on a client bulk email would be as follows:-


Click the “Preferences” Page

Select “Bulk Email” as the type where indicated

The dispatch method should be “Bulk Email”

The export can be anything, but a selection is required.

Skip to the fields in the “Bulk Email Settings” frame

Enter a valid email address for replies to be sent.

Select the recipient field that contains the email addresses you want the mailout sent to.

Enter the email message in the text area labelled “Message”.

IMPORTANT: The text message is plain text only so formatting is not possible.

If there are attachments, click the “Browse” button to locate and select them.

Tip: Click the + button on the table to add additional attachments. Always be aware that some email servers limit the size of emails, so consider the size of your attachments.

IMPORTANT: Because bulk emails will be sent immediately it is critical to always test by selecting a specific test in the report query.

Click “Save”.

Bulk Email Dispatch

A pre-defined bulk email is run from the same place as a report.

To locate the bulk email, select the classification it belongs to where indicated.

Tip: Try to save bulk emails to the “Special Reports” classification to make them easier to locate.

Locate the bulk email in the list of report names.

When you have selected a report the Bulk Email File field and Message field will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can modify the email message here if needed. The amendments will only be applied to this run. If your changes need to be permanent then alter them in Report Definitions.

You will not be offered a dispatch method like you do with a report because the dispatch method will always be via email.

You may alter the sort rules or report query at run-time if desired. These changes will not be saved. If your changes need to be permanent then alter them in Report Definitions.

Click “Run” to dispatch the bulk email.