Dispatching Documents

Reports and Documents > Documents > Dispatch Documents

Batch Documents for dispatch provides the means to dispatch queued documents, individual documents for a specific case or re-dispatch past jobs when needed.


Dispatch Documents in the Queue

To dispatch all documents currently in the queue, select “Dispatch Queued Documents” from the list.

Choose between dispatch by stationery type or not.

If you choose All Documents independent of Stationery, you must then dispatch on a document by document basis.

Choose your document then choose the method of dispatch where indicated.

Complete dispatch details when prompted.

If dispatch to File is selected, a tab delimited text file containing the raw data for mail merge will be produced. You will be prompted where to save it. This file can be sent to a mailing house as the data-source for the mail merge.

If dispatch to Email (Manual) is selected, you will be prompted to enter a single email address to send all the documents to.

If dispatch to “Electronic” is selected, the document will be merged and linked to the respective cases and if email rules are defined, those emails will be dispatched.

If dispatch to View is selected, a new window will be opened for each document in the queue. Within these windows will contain a view of the document. Use the toolbar to either print, save as or email.

IMPORTANT: Dispatch to View will open a new window on your PC for every record in the queue. If there are high volumes this will likely cause your PC to crash.

Once you have input all required dispatch fields, click “Run” on the Action Bar and the documents will be dispatched.

Dispatch a Specific Document for a Specific CASE

To dispatch a single document for a debt, select “Dispatch Specific Document For Specific Debt” from the list.

Enter the case number to produce the document for, where indicated.

Select the document to dispatch from the list.

Choose the method of dispatch where indicated and complete any dispatch details when prompted.

Click “Run” on the Action Bar to dispatch.