Email from a Case

To send an email from the Case, click the button labeled “Email” and the following screen will appear:-


Choose the party to email from the drop-down box:-


Select the party you wish to email.

If the party has multiple contacts such as a client or operator, a select box may appear allowing you to choose the specific contact you wish to email. The email address stored against the nominated party or contact will appear in the “To:” field.

Predefined email subject to client (based on System Email Configuration Settings) will appear with merged key information. This subject can be modified if required.

Predefined salutation and signature may appear in the text area if these have been defined in the Advanced Tools, System Settings.

A list of templates that relate to the party type may appear in the list of email templates. Selecting a template will update the email body text area with the content from the email template.

Any data that has been automatically populated can be manually modified if required.

If a carbon copy (CC) or blind carbon copy (BCC) to the email is required, enter the email addresses where indicated.

Here you can also add an electronic file as an attachment. Click the “Browse” button, locate the file to be attached and click “Okay”.

During the process of uploading your attachment, the text will be shown in blue.


Once the file upload has successfully complete the text will be in green.


If the upload of the file fails the text will be shown in red.

When the note is added to note history, the note text will commence with “EMAIL OUT to emailaddress” followed by the email address(es). If attachments were sent the note will commence with “EMAIL OUT to emailaddress WITH ATTACHMENTS:”

All outbound emails are shown in the note history in blue.

Tip: All files currently attached to the case are available in the “Existing Attachments” table to include in your email simply by ticking “Attach” on the rows containing the files for inclusion. Tag All will tag each existing attachment for inclusion.

IMPORTANT: When you click “Okay” the entire case will be saved, including any changes made before the note is added.