Fee Scales

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When the amount of a charge is determined by the amount owing, a fee scale can be created for this purpose and added to a charge code. When the charge code is used it will calculate the charge amount using the fee scale.

Creating a new Fee Scale

A fee scale must be unique. Enter your new fee scale code in the "Code" field. This is a short name used to both easily identify and generate the charge within the Charge Code. i.e. Solicitors Costs on SOC could be SOLSOC

IMPORTANT: The code should not contain any spaces or characters other than letters or numbers; except a full stop.

Describe the fee scale in the field labeled “Description”.

Select the amount on which to base the charge amount on.

Thresholds govern what amount is charged according to the size of the selected based on field.

For example, In the screenshot below $69.50 is charged when the Debt Balance is anything up to and including $1000.00, $147.80 when above $1000 and up to $10000, $226.10 above $10000 and up to $40000 etc

If a percentage of the based on value should be charged, input the percentage in the column labeled “Percentage”. The amount can either be a flat amount or percentage.

Click “Save” to save your fee scale.