General Ledger Integration Setup

DebtCol does handle all your billing and trust management, but it is not a general ledger. So exporting your financials into MYOB or Xero will save you double-keying.

Tools > Accounts Setup > General Ledger Codes

DebtCol does not have a general ledger for accounting purposes so we allow integration into MYOB or Xero for this purpose.

You must first create your account codes in MYOB/Xero for your income and bank account codes for operating account and trust account and its related liability account. Once these have been created in MYOB/Xero you can create them here in DebtCol.

Creating a new General LedGer Code

A General Ledger code must be unique. Enter your new General Ledger code in the "Code" field, or choose it from the drop-down list.

IMPORTANT: The code should be identical to the code created in MYOB/Xero.

Describe the General Ledger code where indicated.

Tip: The MYOB/Xero codes should then be linked to their respective Transaction Type code