Job Types

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Job Types are pre-stored so they can be assigned to clients and cases and are designed to categorise or group debts where necessary. For example, your company may provide commission based and non-commission based recovery. You could create a job type for each of these and assign them accordingly to each client. When debts are created the job type from the client is automatically assigned to new debts created. You can then use the job type as a filter when building work queues or running reports.

They can be assigned from within an action wizard by selecting it from the command field as shown below.

Job Types can also be assigned within the Case Manager from the shortcut field (DCC) as shown below.


Creating a new Job Types

A Job Type code must be unique. Enter your new code in the "Code" field.

IMPORTANT: The code should not contain any spaces or characters other than letters or numbers; except a full stop.

Fill out all job type details then click “Save” to save.

Update an Existing Job Types

Enter the existing Job Type code in the "Code" field. If you do not know the code click the search button on the toolbar and perform a lookup.

Once you have entered the code, the record will be opened for you to amend accordingly.

Make your amendments then click “Save” to save your changes.

Tip: You can copy an existing record by opening the record you wish to copy, then give it a new unique code and click “Save”. A carbon copy will be created with the new code which can be amended as per your requirements.

IMPORTANT: Please note that deleting existing Job Type codes could cause problems if it is assigned to cases in the system. Be very careful to check this beforehand. You can use the Batch Update of Debts process to locate all debts with that job type code and then update them by running an action that changes the job type code.