Apply a Client Payment or Credit

This section covers how to apply payments made by your clients; allocating them to invoices and managing client credits.

Accounting > Billings > Payments & Credits > Payment/Credit

In the “Search Criteria” frame, specify either the client code or invoice number to apply a payment or credit note to. You can also enter a date or date range to locate all outstanding client invoices within that range of dates.

In the “Payment Details” frame, enter the payment or credit amount in the “Amount Received” field then enter the date of payment and select your method of payment.

INFORMATION: If it is a credit to apply you must choose the “credit” from the list of methods. A credit note will be recorded against the nominated invoice(s). Credit notes will not appear on future invoices but will appear on client statements

The bank account assigned to the client record, should automatically populate the “Bank Account” field. If the payment happens to relate to a different bank account, simply select it from the list.

The “memo” field allows the user to input any additional information they need to which relates to the payment.

The system will automatically allocate the payment over unpaid invoices from oldest to most recent. This allocation can be modified before saving if required.

IMPORTANT: The first table (on the left) contains the list of invoices still outstanding. The second table (on the right) contains a list of transactions for a selected invoice. The select an invoice, click the hyperlink in the first column of the first table. The items in the second table will change according to the invoice selected.

Click “Save” on the Action Bar. You will be alerted to a payment code when the payment is processed.

The balance owing on the client and the selected invoice(s) will also be reduced accordingly.

IMPORTANT: If a payment exceeds what the customer owes, an over-payment transaction debit is created and the over-payment amount is allocated to this transaction. These over-payments are shown on client statements