Applying Debtor Trust Receipts

Accounting > Trust > Trust Payments & Reversals > Payment

Select the payment method and complete any payment details when prompted.


Enter the date of the payment in the “Payment Date” field and the amount of the payment in the “Payment Total” field. The system will automatically allocate the payment over debt, costs and interest owing according to the payment allocate rules applied to the case. This allocation can be modified before saving if required.

IMPORTANT: The default bank account will be selected based on what is set against the client. If the trust account happens to be different, simply change it by selecting the correct bank account from the list of bank accounts.

Any commission will be calculated and shown on the screen. If your user security allows you to change the commission amount, simply click on the field and replace the commission with your choice.

If a receipt is required and one has been setup in the system, tick the check box labeled “Receipt” and fill out the address when prompted.

Click “Save” on the Action Bar. You will be alerted to a payment code when the payment is processed and a note indicating the payment and any commission will be added to the note history.

The balance owing on the case will also be reduced accordingly.

IMPORTANT: The payment method “Direct to Client” should only be chosen when you are recording a payment sent directly to your client. Any other payment method will be recorded as a payment made into the trust account assigned to the client.