Reversing Debtor Trust Receipts

It is a requirement with most Law Societies for the purpose of accurate auditing, that trust reversals are recorded, so we cannot simply delete a trust payment. Instead, there must be a trail. As such the process of reversing a trust payment will leave a financial trail on the related case.

Accounting > Trust > Trust Payments & Reversals > Reversal

On the toolbar click the search button to invoke the search screen. Here you can enter the case number containing the payment to be reversed.

Enter the case number containing the payment to be reversed then click “Search” on the Action Bar. A list of payments for the case will appear in the table. Click the hyperlink of the payment to be reversed and this will apply the payment code into the debtor reversal screen.

Confirm that this is the correct record by reviewing the case matter and payment values that appear in the Allocation table below.

Select the appropriate reversal method from the drop down list labeled "Status".

Click “Save” on the Action Bar to process the reversal.

To exit without saving changes, Click “Exit” on the Action Bar.

IMPORTANT: All reversals will automatically be unallocated in the same way as the original payment transaction and any related commission charges also credited.