Run A Report

You may have access to view certain reports. These reports will be found by clicking the label “Reports” on the horizontal menu.

Reports can be grouped into different classifications. First select the classification, then select the report from the drop-down lists.


Once a report has been select you will see its report criteria. Here you may alter the report criteria date ranges or other information to suit your report requirement.


By default, all reports will be dispatched to a viewing window. Some reports may be dispatched directly to Excel or via email. Select your preferred method of dispatch from the list.

Click “Run Report” from the common tasks.


The following alert will appear while the report gathers the relevant data:-


When the report has finished gathering its data it will open in a separate window as per the example below.


To print the report, click the printer button on the last toolbar.

Close the window when you have finished with the report.