Submit A New Case

You can add new debts for collection by clicking the “NEW” link on the CASES menu. You will be guided through a wizard and prompted to enter information along the way.


The first step of the wizard requires a client or department be selected from the list.


Make your selection then click Next.

The following page will appear:-


Enter any general information you have about the matter you wish to load, noting that the start date of debt may be mandatory.

Enter any amounts relating to the matter where indicated.


Select the type of case where indicated under “Case Type”.


Enter your debtor information where indicated.


Be sure to enter the name and address of the debtor and contact and phone details where possible. Click the link at the bottom of the frame labelled “Add Debtor”. If there are more responsible parties to add, simply enter their debtor details again, adjust the relationship accordingly and click the “Add Debtor” link again. There is no limit to the number of debtors/responsible parties you can assign to the debt.

If you need to remove a debtor/responsible party, click the link labelled “Remove”.


If you need to edit a debtor/responsible party that you have previously added but before saving, click the link labelled “Edit” and then edit those debtors details accordingly.


Repossession Details

Where the Case Type is “Repossession”, additional information will be required.

Please be sure to specify as much information as possible.

Loading Loan Arrears Details

When you indicate to “show loan arrears” information, the following frame of data will appear:-

Here you can enter details of a loan that is in arrears. The DebtCol system will automatically add future instalments to the debt value on the due dates ensuring the agency has the up to date balance at all times.

Add Notes/Instructions and Attachments

To send instructions with the new case, enter your text in the Notation text area.

To add an attachment, browse to locate the file then click the “Attach” button. Repeat this process for multiple attachments.


Execute an Action/Letter

Choose the preferred course of action where indicated.


A course of action could produce a document once the new case is loaded. This document would appear in a new window where you can then choose to print it. Documents generated this way will be added to the case history notes as an attachment.

Review the Case Summary before clicking “Finish”.


Click a label to expand and circled in the image above.

To save the new debt, click the “Finish” button.

You will be alerted to a new debt number as per the diagram below.


This debt number can be entered into the key field on the View page.


From there you can send further instructions and upload file attachments through the “Add Note” function.