Xero Export/Import

This section covers the process of exporting your DebtCol financials into Xero.


Accounting > Xero Export

IMPORTANT: You must first have your General Ledger account codes created and mapped inside the DebtCol program before this process can work.

When Trust refunds, transfers and client invoices have all been generated, these transactions will be ready to export into your Xero account.

  1. From the DebtCol Xero Export process, choose Entire Database from the export options select box then click Run.
  2. The program will collate data into two separate files; invoices and expenses.
  3. You will be asked by the program where you wish to save these files. Take note of the location you save the files because when you open Xero you will need to locate them to import them.
IMPORTANT: Once you have run the export in DebtCol, the transactions included will no longer be available in the DebtCol export as they will have been marked as done. It is critical that you import the transactions into Xero from the two files generated if DebtCol and Xero are to reconcile.
IMPORTANT: Xero has a bank feed, so client payments will automatically come into your bank feed and must get applied to the invoices using the Xero reconciliation.


This section provides a step by step guide to importing the Xero files into Xero. These files were created by DebtCol Xero export process.

In Xero go to Accounts then Sales. Click the “Import” button.

Select the option to import Xero.


Click Browse

Out of the files created by the DebtCol Xero export, the file containing the word Invoice will contain all the client invoices. Locate and select the file from the location you saved them to earlier. The Import your sales invoices page appears

Click Complete Import

A draft invoice for each invoice contained in the file will appear in Xero. Any customers that cannot be found in Xero will automatically be created.

Verify the results and approve the invoices

At this stage, it does not appear to be possible to import invoice payments. Xero does have an excellent bank feed process whereby you setup an automatic feed of your bank statement. Xero will automatically match payments to invoices and your bank reconciliation process will commit these matches into payments.